Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mind-blowing Ep.2: Introducing the Audio Bullys

A great event is knocking at Bucharest's doors.
It's the Audio Bullys performing live @ Arenele Romane, this Friday (the 29th of August). And they're not alone!
Completing the line-up will be the tremendous team of four: Birdy Nam Nam, and 3 of the local electro-breaks "heroes": Gojira, Zicu & Ufe. And I must not forget the excellent VJ that will be in charge of all the visuals: Vali Chincisan.

This is a really exciting moment for me, as the Audio Bullys are in my top 5 all-time favourite DJs since their tremendous Essential Mix from 11.09.2005, which I would love to share with you.
This set, by the great Simon Franks and Tom Dinsdale, has blown my mind and influenced my vision on electronic music, mixing, selections and the way a set should be built in order for it to have a personality.

I am gonna write no more, but instead let you enjoy this mind-blowing Essential Mix.


1) Audio Bullys 'Essential Intro' (Virgin)
2) Audio Bootys 'Fucked Up' (White Label)
3) Hawk 'Smiling Faces' (White Label)
4) Plotman 'Plotman Pt 1' (Bang)
5) Audio Bullys 'Im In Love v2' (Virgin)
6) Hawk 'Nasty Underground' (White Label)
7) Audio Bullys and Steve Angello 'Get Get Down' (Virgin)
8) Audio Bullys 'Monkey' (Virgin)
9) Cirez D 'Knockout' (Mouseville)
10) Plotman 'Plotman Pt 2' (Bang)
11) Victorville 'Stitch' (White Label)
12) Prodigy 'Outer Space (Audio Bullys Remix)' ( XL)
13) Unknown 'Nerve Damage' (White Label)
14) Tori Amos 'Proffesonal Widow (Armand Van Helden Remix)' (WEA)
15) Prodigy 'Outer Space' (XL)
16) Audio Bullys 'What Have You Done' (White Label)
17) Audio Bullys 'Rock Till Im Rollin' (White Label)
18) Sex On Monday 'Bring Back The Love (Coburn Remix)' (Manifesto)
19) Unknown 'Kompact' (White Label)
20) Audio Bullys 'Inferior' (White Label)
21) Soundig Of Fathoms 'Fuse' (Neuton)
22) Riton 'Unknown (Alter Ego Mix)' (White Label)
23) Audio Bullys 'Shot U Down (Audio Bullys Remix)' (Virgin)
24) Coburn 'We Interupt This Programme' (DATA)
25) Steve Angello & Sebastain Ingrosso 'Yeah' (White Label)
26) 'Throw Your Hands In The Air (Audio Bullys re edit) (White Label)
27) 'Keep On Movin' (Audio Bullys Remix) (Virgin)
28) Charles & Kling 'Parallel Realities' (Mixtori)
29) Unknown 'Teddy Boys Picnic' (White Label)
30) 'How Long (Audio Bullys Re edit)' (White Label)
31) Nightcrawlers 'Keep Pushin On' (Arista)
32) GFS 'Get Fucked Up' (White Label)
33) CJ Bolland 'Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden)' (Internal)
34) Audio Bullys 'Shot U Down' (Virgin)
35) Audio Bullys 'Im In Love v3 (Virgin)


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