Friday, April 4, 2008

Nin Petit Live@ Zac Club

Nin Petit is Llewelyn Graves. Abandoned when he was a little baby in the Himalaya mountains; he was adopted by a family of mutant Cows that where reincarnations of all the best DJs that have ever lived. As they tought him the arts of mixing, he became curious about what was in the outside world away from the mountains. he got captured by a circus manager (who was also a sound engineer) who put him headlining a freak show. They soon became friends & after every show they would go back to his studio. Nin Petit started to apply all his wisdom onto computers with music software and soon he started to create hits like "Rockit","Pump up the jam","Hey Boy,Hey Girl","Smack my bitch up etc": but these songs got stollen due to Nin Petit´s lack of knowledge about laws and shit. Currently hes playing in clubs all around the world and learning how to walk and speak.

1. Henry Purcell - Theme from A Clockwork Orange
2. Alice Russel - Fly in one hand
3. Mc Sven & Miker G - Holiday rap
4. Daft Punk - Da funk
5. The Ventures - Peter Gunn Theme
6. Mahala Rai Banda - Mahageasca
7. Hotchip - Over and over
8. Claude von Stroke - Who's afraid of Detroit?
9. Technotronic - Pump up the jam
10. Nathan Fake - The sky was pink [Holden remix]
11. FC Barcelona - Cant del Barca [Nin Petit mix]
12. Crystal Castles vs. Health - Crimewave
13. Big Soul - We got high
14. Crystal Waters - Gipsy woman
15. Alex Young & Artech - Minimalesk
16. The Gossip - Listen up [MSTRKRFT remix]
17. Hi powered boys - Hoes get down
18. Roy Orbison - Pretty woman
19. Johannes Heil - One
20. M.I.A. - Bucky done gun
21. Cornershop - Brimful of Asha
22. Panjabi MC - Munda to bach ke rahi [Electro mix]
23. Nick Vanshe & Dangerous Dan - Around the world again
24. Tiga - You gonna want me
25. Dj Technics - Mr. Postman
26. Herve - Rocky raver
27. Le Tigre - Deceptacon
28. Bomfunk MCs - Freesyler
29. M-Beat - Incredible
30. Nouvelle Vague - Dancing with myself
31. The F-Arts (Nin Petit & David Goode) - Animal lovers
32. Uffie - Ready to uff
33. The Prodigy - Girls [Rex the Dog remix]
34. The Ronettes - Be my baby
35. Geoffrey Grunfeld - Shit song


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