Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meeloo's EDM show on citybeatradio.org - SHOW #34

In 2005 he becomes interested in the club culture.
Soon music becomes a very important part of his life.
In several days all the fresh mixes of famous DJs where added to his collection which grew in geometrical progression.
He was always interested in mixing, digging for unreleased music, which later on was found on albums, EPs and LPs.

Soon he got involved deeper in the club culture as a promoter, organizing bus-tours for festivals like MayDay, Pirate Station, Creamfields, Global Gathering, Sensation White & many others!

Listening and "absorbing" the music made him understood that he wanted to create the mood on the floor himself.

From the very beginning his purpose was to play on vinyl only.
His favorite style - breakbeat.
His fresh sound made him soon one of Belarus' favourite and most talented DJs.

In 2007 he organized parties with DJs like DefInc, Alex Eveson, Vasilisa Mixura, Neek Romanteek, JAZZMANN, Simao, Intax, Vadim Key, Alex Skiba and many others...

Since 2008 he collaborates with Ivan Melnik for the release of the album "Airport Wars" on Istoma label and massively supports the local DJ school.

In 2009 won a mix competition organized by TopDJ, called Tender.

Nowadays he works on releasing a track at Aquasky's new label - Basslayerz.

His name is:

DJ ID Crust


TUNE IN: http://citybeatradio.org

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