Monday, August 31, 2009

Meeloo's EDM show on - SHOW #44

Wednesday, September the 2nd, Starting @ 22:00 GMT / 00:00 RO Time

Meeloo's EDM Show


Airplays [UK]

Airplays Bio:

Airplays, otherwise known as Chris Hewitt, has been DJing since 1999; starting out on unusable CD decks but quickly realising vinyl was the only way (oh how things have changed). His first taste of dance music came from the jungle tapes he “borrowed” from his mate’s brother and from hearing tracks by 808 State, Apollo 440 and The Prodigy while zooming round roller discos as a 14 year old.

It was a chance meeting with Freq Nasty’s “Move Back” in Ambient Soho that kicked off the vinyl buying and Breakbeat, with it’s perfect mix of all the sounds he was feeling became home. Things are a bit more diverse now with him playing a mix of House, Dubstep, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Breaks and anything that takes his fancy.

Airplays is also a visual artist and graphic designer with a range of T-Shirts on the way for his own clothing label Zealot. He has also designed for who specialise in T-Shirts for DJs and Labels.

He presents the Act Now show every other Monday of the month from 10pm-12am on

Three little known facts about Airplays:

1. He once appeared as an extra in a bollywood movie.
2. He came 8th out of 12 in a DJ competition at Wire in Leeds.
3. His Art School Wanks sticker has been the catalyst for an MC Abdominal (DJ Format) freestyle and has appeared in London Street Art 2.


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